Dr. Frances Wilkerson

…is my mentor.

Wonderfully brilliant woman. She has Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography and studies the complex interactions between the currents, the climate, the nutrients, and the phytoplankton of San Francisco Bay.

Her day varies quite a lot, depending on the project she has active at the time. Recently she has been running the SWAMP cruises with her husband, Dr. Richard Dugdale. She has to write grants for funding, collect and process data, and (most importantly) interpret the data. The most important thing about her expertise is not that she can collect water samples and run them through a machine, but that she can look at that data and see what it says.


About dash1224

Student at Sir Francis Drake High School in the SEA-DISC Academy. Writing about my internship at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies.
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