Calling Again…

…or not.

The advantage to being a part of Workplace Learning for two years is that I’ve already established a rapport with Dr. Wilkerson and RTC. I was able to just send her an email and get a quick response telling me to come back in. Easy-peasy.

I’m excited about this. Even though it may seem like the safe option, the continuity being at RTC again provides me really opens up my opportunities in terms of what I am able to do. No training necessary, no awkward introductions, no nothing. I get to jump right in and start working. I should have an expanded role; running more data and (hopefully) doing more coding and analysis.

I’ll keep you updated.


About dash1224

Student at Sir Francis Drake High School in the SEA-DISC Academy. Writing about my internship at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies.
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