Code code code

Well, I’ve been pretty busy.

I have two separate projects going on: PAR and ISUS. PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation (measured in micromoles of photons per square meter per second) and is essentially the amount of usable light that hits an area at any given time. SF State has been recording this (and lots of other data) here for a long time. I have to take a lot of that data and write a script to sort and integrate it all. Considering some technical issues with the server, that’s a bit harder than it sounds.

ISUS is a nutrient sensor that uses spectrophotometry to measure the levels of nitrate in the water. This is pretty advanced technology (we borrowed the sensor from Stanford), but the data is pretty noisy nonetheless. I’ve been working to find an algorithm to smooth it more nicely and make it look pretty (and useable). Again, technical difficulties have complicated this a little bit.

And that’s basically been the last month at RTC for me. Sorry I haven’t been posting more regularly.


About dash1224

Student at Sir Francis Drake High School in the SEA-DISC Academy. Writing about my internship at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies.
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